with Dewey Gonnie and Logan Yazzie

For three generations, the Gonnie family have lived amongst the rising buttes and hills of an area of the Navajo Nation called Black Cedar Hills. Named for those lands that have been the family stronghold for decades, this recording brings together prolific DinĚŠe’ songmaker Louie Gonnie with brother Dewey Gonnie and cousin Logan Yazzie to honor their family’s vibrant lineage of song and prayer. From the embers of the fireplace of the Native American Church emerge these potent songs of inner healing and transformation.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Spheres and Talismans (11:33)
2. Meditate (6:51)
3. All Along Echoing Paths (8:39)
4. Fires of Our Ancestors (9:04)
5. Envisionment (8:50)
6. A New Dawn (8:54)
7. On Our Road of Life (3:02)
8. Butterflies Dance (2:00)
9. From the Mountain Tops (3:55)
Total Time: 62:52
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