6-time Grammy nominee Northern Cree is one of the most respected and well-known singing groups Native North America has ever known. As respected Pow-Wow and Round Dance singers they have travelled the world as ambassadors of Native American??culture and remained dedicated to upholding the traditions of their respective communities.?? Group member Marlon Deschamps of the Samson Cree First Nation is the composer of ??one of their newest Round Dance songs, “A Million Miles”.?? Marlon describes making this song as follows;


“I came up with the song during the summer of 2014. As for most of my songs, they always seem to go a bit unfinished.?? This one was left unfinished until just prior to the recording session in Phoenix. The final part of the song just kind of hit me.?? I guess sometimes you just have to wait for the song to come to you.?? To all the young songmakers out there, just wait for the songs to come to you.?? Don’t try to force it out. Just wait and it will come to you.”