The Northern Cree Singers of Saddle Lake, Alberta, Canada are one of the top-ranked pow-wow drums in North America. Their unique style of songs and their explosive energy keep them in high demand as a host drum and a favorite of many dancers, singers and pow-wow enthusiasts. Recorded live at Poundmaker’s Lodge in Alberta, this recording captures one of their most intense performances to date.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.

1. Grand Entry (8:11)



2. Intertribal Song (5:37)



3. Women’s Traditional Song (3:57)



4. Intertribal Song (3:44)



5. Fancy Dance Trick Song (2:32)



6. Intertribal Songs (whistled, 9:12)



7. Jingle Dress Dance (3:13)



8. Intertribal Song (5:19)



9. Traditional Song (2:25)



10. Round Dance (2:51)



Total Time: 48:48

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