8-time Grammy® nominee Northern Cree is one of the most celebrated drums on the Pow-Wow trail and they never disappoint when it comes to the best Round Dance jams. Their newest hip-shaking songs about romance, heartache and Native Pride will inspire all to get their Round Dance groove on.

Tracks: Click below to listen.
1. Sing with Me (5:14)
2. Ekayisit Awa (Gold Digger) (4:15)
3. Hey B 🙂 (5:50)
4. Facebook Drama (4:49)
5. Stacked for the Jack (4:41)
6. Thank Heaven I’m an Indian Boy (4:12)
7. Dance with Me (3:54)
8. Tyrique (4:34)
9. Dancerz Groove (5:59)
10. Earth Angel (7:28)
Total Time: 51:28
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