From Saddle Lake, Northern Cree have always expressed the pride, strength and traditions of the people of the Pow-Wow Trail. The combined power of their songs and their drum channels the mighty spirit of Native America and honors the gift of life. For 30 years, the limitless energy of six time Grammy®-nominee Northern Cree calls out to all tribes, every generation and every culture to join in the honoring of the Pow-Wow circle.

Canadian Aboriginal People’s Choice Award Winner.

1. Wanbli (2:05)


Tracks: Click below to listen.
2. Humble (5:10)
3. Fass and Grancy (2:04)
4. Kainai Krusher (4:55)
5. Hops-A Lot (3:47)
6. Slickzter (whistled, 9:52)
7. Pride (3:49)
8. Siouxdance (3:50)
9. Styles (3:19)
10. Tea Pot (4:31)
11. The Explosion (3:18)
12. Redman (4:00)
Total Time: 51:20
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