Take your place in the dance circle and experience a night of friendship and fun as Northern Cree and some of their best friends bring you the latest and greatest round dance songs. You¹ll discover for yourself how Canadians keep warm during their long winter nights as they sing and dance to the infectious beat of the round dance. From the Louis Bull Reserve in Alberta, this live recording captures all the excitement, sounds and humor of one of the largest round dances held in North America.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Lovesick Blues – Northern Cree (5:30)
2. Modern Girl – Eugene Cardinal (4:49)
3. The Rock -, Melvin Stone (5:26)
4. Stormin¹ – Norman Yellowbird (4:50)
5. Untitled – Gordon McGilvery

(with Northern Cree) (5:07)

6. Straight – Jack Bull (4:14)
7. Wah Wah – Northern Cree (5:32)
8. Straight – Mountain Soul (3:13)
9. Straight – Arnold Pete (2:44)
10. Hurtin’ – David McGilvery

(with Northern Cree) (3:33)

Total Time: 45:03