For the Native peoples of northern Saskatchewan and Alberta, winter is round dance time. People gather from near and far to attend these traditional social dances that last through the night. Filled with humor and good feelings, the songs that accompany the dance feature vocals soaring to the rhythmic pulse of the hand drum. On this “live” recording, the Northern Cree Singers, one of the most respected pow-wow groups in North America, host one of the largest round dances held. The sounds of Canada’s finest round dance singers will make your feet slide and your hips sway the night away!

Canadian Aboriginal Award Winner.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Northern Cree – Skyin’ High (5:17)
2. Whitefish Jr.’s – Makes Me Wonder (3:22)
3. Big River Cree – Straight (3:34)
4. Ken Pooyak – Straight (4:36)
5. Bear Creek – It’s Been So Long (3:44)
6. Blackstone – Straight (3:21)
7. Northern Cree – Butter’s Lovin’ Feeling (4:25)
8. Jack Bull – Straight (4:06)
9. Whitefish Jr.’s – Lonely Nights (4:38)
10. Gordon McGilvery – Straight (5:24)
Total Time: 42:31
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