For the Native peoples of northern Saskatchewan and Alberta, the cold months of winter is Round Dance time. With soaring vocals set to the steady beat of the hand drum, these social songs reflect themes of love, heartbreak and the amusing side of relationships. Recorded live, the Northern Cree Singers, one of the most respected pow-wow groups in North America, host one of the largest Round Dances in North America. Featuring the finest singers, Northern Cree deliver another foot-skootin’ installment in their acclaimed Round Dance series.

Indian Summer Award Winner.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Northern Cree – Smilin’ (6:07)
2. Blackstone – Straight (4:37)
3. Sidrick Baker – Chewey (4:57)
4. Young Spirit – All Alone (3:44)
5. Jack Bull – Tyrique (4:27)
6. Northern Cree – Red Skin Gal (4:10)
7. Warscout – We’re There (4:36)
8. Arnold Pete – Straight (4:43)
9. Wild Horse – Straight (2:40)
10. Whitefish Jr.’s – Daddy’s Coming Home (3:43)
11. Youth Singers’ Special –

Butter’s Loving Feeling (4:05)

Total Time: 47:55
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