This Canadian supergroup’s powerful singing resonates throughout the heart of pow-wow country, making dancers move to the beat and people sit up and listen. With this exciting live recording, their thirteenth, Northern Cree makes it clear they’re “Here to Stay“. Recorded Live at the 11th Annual Snow Mountain Pow-Wow near Las Vegas, Nevada.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Millenium (2:51)
2. Swerve and Sway (3:45)
3. En Guarde (3:55, whistled)
4. Willow (2:52)
5. Heads Up (2:28)
6. Boo (4:29)
7. Old Timer (3:14)
8. The Challenge (3:54)
9. The Bushwick (3:59)
10. Original or Extra Crispy (2:14)
11. Here to Stay (6:19)
Total Time: 40:46
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