Recorded live at the Kamloops Pow-Wow in British Columbia, Canada, this recording captures the inspiring energy of the Northern Cree Singers of Saddle Lake, Alberta, one of the most respected drum groups in pow-wow country. This collection of their most recent songs sees them at their best, singing with an intensity that keeps dancers and pow-wow enthusiasts wanting more.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Grand Entry: “I’ve come here to sing for you…” (5:28)
2. Happy Days Are Here Again (3:15)
3. Sounding Bells (whistled, 11:30)
4. Drum Power (4:35)
5. Gone And Back Again (3:03)
6. Grand Enrty: “Dance dancers, dance!” (4:44)
7. The Weird One (3:48)
8. Hello! (4:57)
9. Saturday Night Special (whistled, 6:11)
10. Hop Jump, Jump Hop (3:41)
11. Retreat Song (2:48)
Total Time: 54:46