6-time Grammy® nominee Northern Cree once again demonstrate why they are the undisputed ambassador of the Round Dance. From its ceremonial origins, with groups of Cree men and women gathering in homes to share songs, stories and dance the night away, the Round Dance has spread beyond the borders of Cree Country to all corners of Native America and across the globe. Through the hypnotic beat of their drums and melodies that reach into the soul, Northern Cree expertly reflect the power of the Round Dance to bring joy, unity and healing.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Watch Your Wives (4:04)
2. The Bounce (4:30)
3. Straight UPS (5:28)
4. Cree Cuttin’ (5:57)
5. Ah-Maka (3:39)
6. Indian Summer (4:57)
7. Oh, That Smile (3:52)
8. Feel the Rhythm (4:42)
9. A Million Years (4:29)
10. Synergy (4:28)
11. Hearts and Arrows (6:19)
Total Time: 52:30
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