During the long nights of winter, the Cree people of Saskatchewan and Alberta gather for the round dance. This traditional dance is a time of friendship, courtship and humor as singers strive to bring couples to the dance floor with the energy of their singing and the infectious swinging rhythms of their hand drums. One of the premiere pow-wow groups of North America, the Northern Cree Singers of Alberta will surely bring you and your partner to your feet with their lively songs in Cree and English.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. The Commander (4:58)
2. Straight (3:37)
3. Saddleback (4:00)
4. Sad And Lonely (3:52)
5. Straight (3:13)
6. Just For Fun (5:11)
7. Straight (3:16 )
8. Fool For You (3:27)
9. Lengthen My Leash (3:11)
10. Draggin’ My Heart Around (5:06)
Total Time: 44:09  
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