From Saddle Lake Cree First Nation, Northern Cree have put faith and trust in the power of the Pow-Wow drum for over three decades. Recorded live at the annual Rocky Boy Pow-Wow, 6-time Grammy┬«-nominee Northern Cree pays tribute to the spirit of their drum with unmatched singing and mighty drumming. Canadian Aboriginal People’s Choice Award Winner. Canadian Indigenous Music Award Winner.

Tracks: Click below to listen.
1. Burn Dance (2:00)
2. Bring the Thunder (3:09)
3. For the People (2:33)
4. Slow Jamz (3:15)
5. Warrior Face (3:27)
6. Wall-e (4:26)
7. Flying Solo (2:56)
8. Sportin’ Chicken (2:45)
9. Song Catchers (4:26)
10. Blast from the Past (5:09)
11. Hutch Atcha Ooh La La (3:55)
12. Crow Deals (3:19)
13. The Sakaweh Song (5:30)
Total Time: 47:44
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