From Saddle Lake Cree First Nation, Northern Cree have put faith and trust in the power of the Pow-Wow drum for over three decades. Recorded live at the annual Rocky Boy Pow-Wow, 6-time Grammy┬«-nominee Northern Cree pays tribute to the spirit of their drum with unmatched singing and mighty drumming. Canadian Aboriginal People’s Choice Award Winner. Canadian Indigenous Music Award Winner.

1. Burn Dance (2:00)


Tracks: Click below to listen.
2. Bring the Thunder (3:09)
3. For the People (2:33)
4. Slow Jamz (3:15)
5. Warrior Face (3:27)
6. Wall-e (4:26)
7. Flying Solo (2:56)
8. Sportin’ Chicken (2:45)
9. Song Catchers (4:26)
10. Blast from the Past (5:09)
11. Hutch Atcha Ooh La La (3:55)
12. Crow Deals (3:19)
13. The Sakaweh Song (5:30)
Total Time: 47:44
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