At a time when the world needs to hear the voices of Native American and Indigenous people more than ever, 7-time Grammy® nominee Northern Cree are a living symbol of the power of voices raised in unity. The songs of Northern Cree rock the Pow-Wow arbor and beyond with messages of strength and love for Indigenous culture.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Dancers Only (4:47)
2. Old Yeller (5:23)
3. Angel Star (3:20)
4. Old-Time Straight Song (3:41)
5. TreyJam (4:27)
6. Hop to the Drop (Crow Hop) (3:11)
7. Str8-2 Vegas (3:02)
8. #TicTac Adventures (4:10)
9. Cheezy Legs (Crow Hop) (3:15)
10. Don’t Forget It (3:55)
11. nimihito awasis (“Dancing Child”) (5:31)
12. Red Mountain Royalty (5:37)
Total Time: 52:30
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