Two-Time Grammy® nominee Northern Cree has established themselves as one of the most respected pow-wow groups over the last two decades. Firmly rooted in the traditions of their Cree people, they sing from the heart and soul and bring incredible energy to their championship contemporary style singing. Singing live in their hometown of Saddle Lake, Alberta, their signing captivates, moves and astounds. Let is rezonate…

Canadian Aboriginal Award Winner.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Crazy Legs (3:18)
2. W.A.B.C. (5:07)
3. Summer (2:35)
4. A-Channel (4:11)
5. Rimmer (2:52)
6. Percy’s Hummer (2:17)
7. G.D.T. (2:11)
8. The Rule (4:10)
9. Kayas Ago (2:52)
10. Saddle Lake Southern (2:08)
Total Time: 32:21
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