At today’s contest pow-wows, whenever dancers face off in competition, drum groups must sing a variety of specialty songs as well as intertribal songs. Each dance category can require two songs with the first in a standard rhythms and the second in a varied rhythm. These second songs, often with sudden stops and tricky rhythms, allow the dancers to show off their winning moves and virtuosity. This recording captures Northern Cree performing their best second songs including their latest Crow Hop, Sneak Up, Slide Step, Chicken Dance, Southern style Fancy Dance songs and a special Round Dance. Featuring Northern Cree‘s powerful singing and trademark songmaking skills, this collection will dazzle pow-wow fans and keep dancers on their toes.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Stylin’ (Chicken Dance, 2:30)
2. Limited Edition (Crow Hop, 3:21)
3. Battle Cry (Sneak Up, 2:37)
4. Living the Ways (Side Step, 2:50)
5. Ballad by Melvis (Round Dance, 4:10)
6. Razzle Dazzle (Southern Style Fancy Dance, 2:06)
7. Makwa #9 (Chicken Dance, 2:59)
8. Old Smoothie (Side Step, 2:17)
9. The Big Bopper (Crow Hop, 2:55)
10. Home of the Warriors (Sneak Up, 3:16)
11. Twister (Southern Style Fancy Dance, 1:45)
Total Time: 31:30
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