Northern Cree Singers (all members of the Cree tribe): Ferlin McGilvery, Randy Wood, Steve Wood, Charlie Wood, Jr., Warren Shirt, Curt Francis, Bradley McGilvery, Stoney Whiskeyjack, Troy Gregoire.

Side One (26:39)

1. Traditional Song – “Dancers come and listen. Dancers come and listen tot the drum that’s going to talk to you. It’s going to ask you to get up and dance.” (made by Steve Wood, 3:55)
2. Grass Dance – “If only we could sing for you, already the dancers are getting here, if only we could sing for you. Come on now, everybody get out there and dance.” (Steve Wood, 5:34)
3. Intertribal – “It’s really good that you came here. Let’s see you dance. You’ll get a long lasting life out of this dance.” (Randy Wood, 5:01)
4. Straight Fancy Dance (Earl Wood, 2:42)
5. Straight Traditional Song (the late Sam McGilvery, 2:34)
6. Intertribal – “They’re singing over there where they’re dancing. It’s really good that we’re able to dance.” (Randy Wood, 4:14)
7. Crow Hop – “The eagle feather has been used for a long, long time. It will be used forever.” (Lyman McGilvery, 2:12)

Side Two (26:24)

1. Intertribal (whistled) – “Dancers, these people came here to see you. Come on out now. Come and dance. Dancers, please come and dance.” (Steve Wood, 8:37)
2. Traditional Song – “All you dancers, come and dance.” (Ferlin McGilvery, 3:39)
3. Intertribal – “The dancers are starting to get here from a long way. We also came a long way to dance here.” (Steve Wood, 5:00)
4. Straight Round Dance (Ferlin McGilvery, 4:09)
5. Straight Round Dance (Norman Yellowbird, 4:32)

Total Time: 53:03