Northern Cree Singers: Randy Wood (lead singer), Steve Wood, Dennis Lightning, David Meguinis, Cory Wadsworth, Jr., Trevor Wadsworth, Ferlin McGilvery, Leo Wells, Stoney Whiskeyjack.
Dedicated to our brother and friend, the late Harold “Mypot” Moosewah. There will always be a place for you at our drum.

Side One

1. Contest Song (Randy Wood)
2. Contest Song (Dennis Lightning)
3. Intertribal Song (Randy Wood)
4. Contest Song – Ladies Jingle – Round Dance (Dennis Lightning)
5. Traditional Contest Song (Randy Wood)

Side Two

1. Ladies Jingle Song (by the late Narcisse Pipestern)
2. Intertribal Song (Dennis Lightning)
3. Intertribal Song (Dennis Lightning)
4. Contest Song (Dennis Lightning)
5. Intertribal Song (Steve Wood)