Two-time Grammy® nominee and championship pow-wow drum group, Northern Cree returns with their most innovative collection of Round Dance songs to date. A winter social dance for the Plains Cree people, the Round Dance is a time for fun and friendship filled with spirited humor. Sung by one of today’s greatest drum groups, these songs are sure to warm the heart and make your feet shuffle the night away!

Canadian Aboriginal Award Winner.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Mmmmmm! (4:18)
2. Straight (4:30)
3. Rimmer Too (3:22)
4. A Song for T.J. (5:54)
5. Alierlou Lullaby (3:02)
6. BJ Blues (3:36)
7. The Big Onion (3:04)
8. Wah-Yo (3:53)
9. Da Filler (4:36)
10. Red and White (4:25)
Total Time: 41:22
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