5-time Grammy®-nominee Northern Cree rank among the best drum groups that the Pow-Wow trail has ever seen. They have also helped elevate the status of the Round Dance among the tribes of Native America and beyond. This collection charts the odyssey of romance from the innocence of first love to the temptations of fiery infatuation.

1. A Million Miles for You (7:41)



TRACKS: Click below to listen.
2. Skipping Rocks (5:18)
3. Deucey (3:58)
4. Rock N Roll (5:05)
5. Johnson’s Jig (4:05)
6. Radio Love (4:26)
7. The Temptress (5:00)
8. Stars in the Sky (5:03)
9. Come Dance with Me (4:28)
10. Straight (5:14)
11. Come Dance with Me (reprise, 2:54)
Total Time: 53:59
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