6-time Grammy® nominee Northern Cree are the world’s premier Native American Pow-Wow and Round Dance singing group. Founded in 1982, the group originates from the Saddle Lake Cree Nation, in the heart of the ancestral lands of the mighty Plains Cree tribe. They have crisscrossed their native Canada and the United States performing at Pow-Wows and winning hundreds of singing championships. They have been featured at international folk festivals, sharing the beauty and vitality of their indigenous culture with audiences from the Great Plains of North America to London’s Trafalgar Square. Compiled from their catalog of over 35 recordings, this collection brings together the greatest hits of this iconic Native American singing group.


    1. Wanbli
    2. Look at This Facebook Drama
    3. Bring the Thunder
    4. Young and Free
    5. War Cry
    6. Humble
    7. Red Skin Gal
    8. The Ripper
    9. Lovesick Blues
    10. Tribez
    11. Happy Days Are Here Again!
    12. Smilin?۪
    13. Waterkeeper
    14. Roads of Red
    15. Red and White