6-time Grammy® nominee Northern Cree has traveled the globe as ambassadors of Pow-Wow and the Native peoples of North America. Nevertheless, this esteemed drum group is most at home singing in their native Cree country. Recorded live at the Enoch Cree First Nation, this recording pays tribute to the unity of the Treaty Six Cree nations from which the group members come. Northern Cree has created a profound collection of modern day Cree anthems that stand for the strength of indigenous nations and the vitality of their cultures.

Tracks: Click below to listen.
1. Okisikow Iskwew (3:40)
2. Start Over (4:48)
3. Trail Warrior (3:26)
4. Whoosh (1:30)
5. Safe Travels (5:40)
6. Earth Healer (6:00)
7. LA Bustle Muscle (1:37)
8. Miles Away (4:44)
9. Good Health, Good Life (4:16)
10. Rising Sun (4:33)
11. Yo Pops! (2:15)
12. That’s My Best Friend (2:57)
13. 4 Out (4:27)
Total Time: 50:46
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