The Cree people have had wasikasimowin (“The Round dance”) for centuries. It began as a ceremonial gathering primarily held during the winter moons. Today the Round Dance has dance is held during anytime of the year and through the Pow-Wow Trail has been shared with indigenous peoples of other tribes. 8-time Grammy nominee Northern Cree has become the ambassador of Round Dance, sharing the healing beauty and power of its singing with audiences from all cultures and walks of lif

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. One Time (4:56)
2. You’re The One (3:53)
3. Thank You, singers (4:10)
4. The Hippity Hoppity (4:57)
5. About That Life (5:33)
6. Bologna Girl (3:24)
7. Ol’ Tom Tom (4:40)
8. Meguinis Hill (4:19)
9. Grandma’s Wisdom (4:37)
10. To all mmIW (6:08)
11. Living sky’s style (3:58)
12. Old sLCN #125 (3:41)
Total Time: 54:20