2020 Grammy® Award Nominee for Best American Roots Album.  The Cree people have had wasikasimowin (“The Round dance”) for centuries. It began as a ceremonial gathering primarily held during the winter moons. Today the Round Dance has dance is held during anytime of the year and through the Pow-Wow Trail has been shared with indigenous peoples of other tribes. 8-time Grammy® nominee Northern Cree has become the ambassador of Round Dance, sharing the healing beauty and power of its singing with audiences from all cultures and walks of life.


TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. One Time (4:56)
2. You’re The One (3:53)
3. Thank You, singers (4:10)
4. The Hippity Hoppity (4:57)
5. About That Life (5:33)
6. Bologna Girl (3:24)
7. Ol’ Tom Tom (4:40)
8. Meguinis Hill (4:19)
9. Grandma’s Wisdom (4:37)
10. To all mmIW (6:08)
11. Living sky’s style (3:58)
12. Old sLCN #125 (3:41)
Total Time: 54:20
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