Northern Ranchers of Shiprock, New Mexico: Frankie Ute (Many Goats and Yucca Fruit clans), James Joe, lead singer (Yucca Fruit and Red Steak clans), Garry Jay, assistant manager (Bitter Water and Red House clans), Ted C. Begay (Yucca Fruit and Red Steak clans).

Side One (18:38): Skip Dance Songs

1. Met Pueblo Woman at I.N.F.R. (made by Larry and James Joe, 2:55)
2. Be My Baby (James Joe, 3:26)
3. Northern Ranchers Special (Northern Ranchers, 3:23)
4. Old Time Bear Dancing Partner (James Joe, 3:19)
5. She Call Me Up (Larry and James Joe, 2:32)
6. You’re No Longer Dancing (Larry and James Joe, 2:35)

Side Two (18:32): Two-Step Songs

1. Double Diamond (Roger John and James Joe, 3:30)
2. I’ve Been Waiting For You (James Joe, 3:01)
3. McElmo Creek Sweetheart (Larry Joe, 2:47)
4. Apache Girl of White Mountain (Larry and James Joe, 2:50)
5. Gramma’s Girl (James Joe, 3:11)
6. Returning Home to Northern Agency (Larry and James Joe, 2:50)

Total Time: 37:10