Peter Phippen is an innovative performer of ethnic flutes from around the world including the haunting Native American flute and the quenacho of South America. His soulful, passionate melodies are accompanied by Michael Schlenker on acoustic and electric guitar and Tim Jyring on drums as they skillfully mix traditional and contemporary sounds. Book of Dreams includes eleven evocative original sounds and a new arrangement of “Scarborough Fair.”

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Big “D” (4:02)
2. Sins of the Father (5:46)
3. Pool of Tone (4:01)
4. Scarborough Fair(3:42)
5. Divinity (5:28)
6. Book of Dreams (5:41)
7. Dancing with Kokopelli (3:32)
8. Islands (5:30)
9. Our Last Goodbye (3:40)
10. Green Spirit (3:34)
11. 1000 Pictures (6:45)
12. Delusions (3:39)
Total Time: 60:40
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