The haunting tones of the Native American flute, bamboo flute and shakuhachi are presented solo and accompanied by the gentle pulse of world percussion and synthesizer in the meditative music shaped by the vast history and perspective of the Southwest. Peter Phippen is known throughout the heart of the country for his passionate and soulful playing of traditional flutes from many cultures.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Masked Dance(5:21)
2. Tranquillity (5:42)
3. Moonlight (5:42)
4. Spirit World (4:28)
5. Daughter of the Mist (8:14)
6. Eternity (2:50)
7. Days of June (5:57) <
8. Echoes of the Past (6:04)
9. Emerald Mountain (3:29)
10. Fire (3:44)
11. Trails of Ancestors (3:25)

Total Time: 52:46