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For over two decades, Pima Express has been rockin’ the Southwest and bringing their blend of country, rock and chicken scratch (the popular dance music of the native peoples of southern Arizona). From the village of Bapchule, on the Gila River Reservation, Pima Express presents their latest and hottest songs in their own rockin’ style.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Crazy Spinning Chicken (4:15)

2. Vaila Girls (3:22)
3. Lonesome Highway (3:11)
4. Oh! Girl (2:52)
5. Close As She Wants Me (3:44)
6. Pretty Lady (3:35)
7. Voice Upon The Wind (6:16)
8. Rodeo Here I Come (2:21)
9. The Chase (4:12)
10. Pretty Woman Come My Way (3:39)
11. Fire On The Mountain (4:19)
Total Time: 42:22