All singers Lakota unless otherwise noted.
Porcupine Singers: Irving Tail, Larry Young Bear, Ronnie Theisz (none), Floyd Hand, Calvin Jumping Bull, Brian Lyons (Ojibwe).
Brotherhood Singers: Severt Young Bear, Jr., Will Young Bear, Brian Thunder Hawk, Clyde Squirrel Coat, Tom Thunder Hawk, Cedric Young Bear, Virgil Charging Hawk.
Not pictured: Al Provost, David Arrow (Yankton).

Side One (29:49)

1. Sad for Four Days Song (4:51)
2. Intertribal (3:49)
3. Among Strangers Song (6:30)
4. It’s Good to Be Here Song (8:37)
5. Sunkah Olowan – Giving Away a Horse Song (5:44)

Side Two (29:49)

1. Pow-Wow Princess Honoring Song (7:04)
2. Intertribal (7:23)
3. Intertribal (7:22)
4. Intertribal (7:46)

Total Time: 59:38