Representing a singing legacy going back generations, the Porcupine Singers have become a legendary presence among the Lakota people and all of Native America. Their singing and commitment to Lakota culture inspires countless young people to explore and sustain their culture through traditional ways. This collection demonstrates that the Porcupine Singers are an enduring voice of a proud and vibrant people.

1. Calvin Jumping Bull’s Memorial Song (5:08)


Tracks: Click below to listen.
2. Remembering the Warrior (4:27)
3. Shunkah’ Olowan (Making or Giving a Horse Song, 4:03)
4. Memorial Song for a Singer (4:00)
5. World War II Veteran’s Song (3:24)
6. Wapaha Olowan (Feather Staff Song, 3:14)
7. Powwow Princess Song (3:19)
8. Song of Encouragement (4:25)
9. Porcupine Singers’ Song (4:20)
10. Education/Graduation Song (4:27)
11. Memorial Song (5:16)
12. Oglala Nation Princess Song (4:38)
Total Time: 51:18
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