This collection presents music released by eleven-time Grammy nominee R. Carlos Nakai over the second 20 years of a distinguished career which explored the expressive range of the traditional Native American flute in a wide range of genres – jazz, new age, classical, Hawaiian, and EDM – and features harp guitarist William Eaton, percussionist Will Clipman, cellist Udi Bar-David, Hawaiian singer/slack key guitarist Keola Beamer, the R. Carlos Nakai Quartet (Nakai with AmoChip Dabney, Johnny Walker, Will Clipman), electronic dance music producer Cliff Sarde and composer James DeMars. “In Harmony, We Journey” is the companion album to Nakai’s first “best of” collection, “In Beauty, We Return.”


TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Winter Camp (from Enter>>Tribal, 2001)
2. Alpine Dawn (from Sanctuary, 2003)
3. Waipi’o Paka’alana (from Our Beloved Land, 2005)
4. Excursions into Memory (from Reconnections, 2006)
5. Omaha Song (from Voyagers, 2007)
6. Obsidian Talisman (from Talisman, 2008)
7. Sunrise Song (from Guadalupe, 2008)
8. Horses in the Rain (from Dancing into Silence, 2009)
9. Monsoon Morning (from Music in the Garden, 2009)
10. Oasis (from Awakening the Fire, 2013)
11. Kathmandu This (from What Lies Beyond, 2016)
12. Wanderer’s Dream (from Nocturne, 2020)
Total Time: 61:04