An 11-time Grammy® nominee, Nakai (Navajo-Ute) has sold over 4.5 million albums in his 35-year exploration of the expressiveness of the traditional flute.  Continuing his lifelong service of providing peace and healing through his art, Nakai created Nocturne to be enjoyed on continuous play in an endless soundscape of tranquility and reflection.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
Movement I: Awakening / Inception
1. Origin Stories (3:43)
2. Nighthawk Way Chant (3:58)
3. Beauty Way and Kinship (3:34)
Movement II: Enlightenment
4. Metaphysical Journey (4:10)
5. Wanderer’s Dreams (3:42)
6. Soul’s Centering (3:23)
Movement III: Dialogues
7. Mindfulness (3:49)
8. Connections/Partnering (4:00)
9. Integrating My World (3:35)
Movement IV. A New Pollen Path
10. Mentoring (3:24)
11. Creativity Chant (3:33)
12. Elder Song (3:46)
Total Time: 44:43
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