On their third album, the R. Carlos Nakai Quartet weaves together a hundred years of collective musical experience and a thousand years of cultural influence into a sound as rich and deep as the human experience itself. Join R. Carlos Nakai, Amo Chip Dabney, Mary Redhouse & Will Clipman at they ponder their own Ancient Future giving voice to the planetary tribe in joyous and heartfelt music for the new millennium.


TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Calling the Rain 04:51
2. Talking Stick 06:04
3. Blood Memory 05:53
4. Orinoco Delta 03:37
5. Home on the Strange 04:45
6. Lovely, Little John 03:06
7. Austrian Waterfall 06:44
8. Tectonic Contexture 04:51
9. Amo Platu 06:06
10. Torch Runner 02:58
11. Stick Figures 02:28
12. Ancient Future 06:38