Red Wind conjures the subtle beauty and intimate grandeur of the singing desert, weaving aural fables of human and animal presence into enduring tableaus of landscape and sky…illuminate by musical influences from Native American and around the globe. Nakai, Eaton and Clipman discover the exotic in the familiar by journeying deeply into the sonic atmospheres of northern Sonora, blending celebration and lamentation with passionate eloquence.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Magicians of the Red Wind (5:57)
2. Sonoran Twilight (4:27)
3. Chubasco Sky (3:49)
4. The Gates of Asherah (5:03)
5. Shape Shifter (4:49)
6. Gourd Harvest Song (3:27) <
7. Stories in Shadow & Light (5:31)
8. Arriving at Now (5:07)
9. Antelope Dance (5:23)
10. Snake Sheds Moon (5:38)
11. Tuzigoot Trek (2:57)
12. Thirteen Crows (3:09)
Total Time: 56:16
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