K’e (kinship), the foundation for Din̩e identity and survival as a people, transcends immediate family and extends in relationships ranging far across Navajo society. Featuring new songs by Herman Cody and Radmilla Cody, K’e Hasin (Kinship and Hope) honors the unifying force of Din̩e culture and community and includes Navajo and English lyrics.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. A Woman’s Journey
Asdzani Bik̩̩ee (4:06)
2. The New Born, New Arrival
Lii Bil Yilwod (3:38)
3. Kinship Honor
K’e Biyiin (4:46)
4. The Four Essential Elements
Diigo Bee’iinaanii (4:00)
5. PT Cruiser
Chidi Bil Ya’az’ani (3:16)
6. My Child, My Baby
Shiyazhi She’aw̩̩ee (4:41)
7. Leadership Song
Naataanii Biyiin (3:29)
8. Blue Bird Song (Revised)
Dolii Biyin (4:21)
9. Don’t Be a Litter Bug
Ts’iilz̩ei Ch’osh (4:50)
10. Grandchild
Tsoii Bidini (3:07)
11. Red Ochre Cheek Clan
Tlaashchii (3:13)
12. Walking Through Life
Iina Bii’ Yishaal (3:24)
13. Mother’s Words
Ama Bizaad (2:47)
Total Time: 50:31
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