Radmilla Cody sings traditional songs of Din̩e’ (Navajo) that embrace the heritage of her matrilineal line. Her heartfelt performance includes two patriotic songs, God Bless America and America the Beautiful, in the elegant Navajo language. Raised in traditional Navajo ways, Radmilla’s music provides the listener a glimpse into the life of the Navajo of today. Complete Navajo lyrics and translations by Herman Cody included.

INDIE Award Winner

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Child to Young Woman (0:33)
2. God Bless America (3:41)
3. The Return Home (3:14)
4. The Proposal and The Promise (3:29)
5. The Cycle of Life (3:48)
6. Corn Grinding Song (2:59)
7. Sibling’s Pets (3:02)
8. Song and Dance Romance (3:06)
9. Seed of Life (3:00)
10. Grandmother (4:02)
11. America the Beautiful (2:26)
Total Time: 34:12
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