The themes of love, laughter, pain, struggle and healing form the raw material for Emotions, a collection of Round Dance songs from Randall Paskemin, one of the most prolific traditional Native American singers and songmakers. Performed in the Cree Round Dance hand drum style, the magnetic rhythm of Paskemin’s drumming and the honesty of his lyrics have the power to soothe your heartache, put strength in your heart and a smile on your face.

Native American Music Award Winner.

1. True Love (Imagine) (4:07)


Tracks: Click below to listen.
2. Tattoo (3:18)
3. Strong (5:16)
4. She’s My Girl! (6:36)
5. Enough (3:34)
6. Let Me Count the Ways (5:12)
7. All I Have to Do is Close My Eyes (4:40)
8. Paradise (3:24)
9. Teenage Love (3:27)
10. Reflection (4:01)
11. Time After Time (3:22)
12. Oh, Whatever! (3:59)
13. So Far Away (4:23)
14. Change (Save the World) (6:06)
Total Time: 62:13
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