2-time Grammy®-nominated singer Randy Wood hails from the Saddle Lake Cree First Nation in Alberta, Canada. Known across Pow-Wow country as a respected Round Dance and Pow-Wow singer, Randy has created and performed a new style of singing that draws upon the humor of the Round Dance, the beat of the Pow-Wow drum and the traditional teachings of his Cree culture. Indian Summer Award Winner.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. In the Old Days (3:04)
2. Have No Fear (4:55)
3. Wings of Love (4:03)
4. In Honor of the Late Billy Goat (2:22)
5. hiy hiy (Grandfather) (2:32)
6. Eternally (3:04)
7. I Don’t Know (3:16)
8. In Honor of the Late Elder Mathias (2:39)
9. I Will Always Love You So (2:44)
10. In Honor of the Napoleon Brighteyes (2:38)
11. Can’t Help Falling in Love (2:41)
12. Song for Alex Wood (4:37)
13. In Honor of the Late Ben Houle (2:54)
Total Time: 42:26
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