A founding member of the respected Northern Cree Singers, Randy Wood’s beautiful round dance singing is known throughout Native North America and earned him a Grammy┬« nomination in 2003. A popular Native American social dance, the Round Dance is a dance for couples and an occasion for men and women to meet and court one another. Randy’s intimate and soothing vocals, the pulse of his drumming and his innovative songs give the listener a taste of the Round Dance Blues.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. As I Walk Along (5:22)
2. Rain bows (4:16)
3. I’ll Never Say Goodbye (5:09)
4. I Just Want To Know You (3:40)
5. Saddle Lake (3:03)
6. Round Dance Blues (4:29)
7. My Chevrolet (4:03)
8. Lil’ Sun (4:19)
9. The Meaning Of Life (3:48)
10. A Little Of Everything (4:37)
Total Time: 42:54
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