A founding member of the highly respected Northern Cree Singers, Randy Wood is known throughout North America for singing and song making skills. This recording showcases Randy’s artistry as he sings his original round dance songs. A popular Native American couples dance, the round dance gives men and women a chance to meet and fall in love. Randy’s intimate vocals, pulsating drumming and creative songs move the spirit and invite the listener to Round Dance The Night Away.

Grammy® Award Nomination.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. As Long as the Grass Grows (4:02)
2. When I Close My Eyes (4:50)
3. What’s Her Name (3:06)
4. Sweetheart (4:31)
5. Look How The Stars Shine for You (4:27)
6. 911 L-O-V-E (4:19)
7. Round Dance the Night Away 5:45)
8. A Little “Northern Cree” (3:17)
9. Eagle Woman (3:29)
10. You Took My Heart Away (3:55)
Total Time: 42:21
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