Weaving intimate vocals over the steady pulse of Native drum, Randy Wood sings of love, longing, laughter and reverence. This Grammy nominated artist effortlessly blends Native-style vocals with traces of blues and soul and infuses them with playful, romantic humor of his own Plains Cree Rounds Dances.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Listen to My Drum (3:49)
2. Roses are Red, Violets are Blue (2:53)
3. Don’t Ever Go Away (2:43)
4. Shilkeem (For Boo, 3:52)
5. Just Wish (4:16)
6. Reservation Song (2:55)
7. There Are No Goodbyes

(You Are My Heart, My Soul, 3:30)

8. Handyman (4:27)
9. Wear His Feathers With Pride (5:40)
10. Please Wind, Please Clouds (5:18)
11. C.O.D. and U.P.S (3:44)
Total Time: 42:54