With stirring vocals and passionate melodies, Randy Wood journeys to the heart and soul with this celebration of voice and drum. Infused with the spirit of his Plains Cree heritage and propelled by the world beat rhythms of Will Clipman, Randy sings of the yearn for love, the beauty of life and the honor of his people.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. My Heart and Soul (3:39)
2. When The Birds Sing (2:31)
3. For Those Who Have Gone Away (2:54)
4. I DonĀ¹t Want To Spoil You (3:32)
5. The Meaning Of My Life (3:40)
6. Breathless (2:43)
7. Goodnight Prayer (4:59)
8. For My Girls (4:17)
9. My Love Is True (2:42)
10. For The Horses (5:31)
11. The Elders (3:35)
12. I Need You So (4:43)
Total Time: 43:29
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