Under the leadership of Edmund Bull, the singers of Red Bull have a long and respected history as one of the top pow-wow drums in North America. Thrilling dancers and pow-wow enthusiasts as well as audiences around the globe, their songs inspire movement and good feelings wherever they are heard. Captured live at the University of Washington Pow-Wow, this most recent set of songs continues the vital Red Bull tradition.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Grand Entry (3:43)
2. Men’s Fancy Dance (Southern style) (2:08)
3. “Let us give thanks for being here.” (4:00)
4. Crow Hop (1:49)
5. Grass Dance (3:38)
6. “Where did all you dancers come from?” (3:34)
7. Men’s Fancy Dance (2:39)
8. Old Traditional Drum Song (1:56)
9. Slide Step (3:07)
10. Contest Song (2:00)
11. “Listen to the jingles.” (2:43)
12. “We all agreed to come and support

this pow-wow.” (4:56)

13. Straight Song (5:07)
14. Intertribal (5:15)
15. Intertribal (5:59)
Total Time: 53:34