This is Calvin Standing Bear’s (Lakota) and James Torres’ (Chiracahua Apache/Mexican American) second album as the the group Red Tail Chasing Hawks. The title Brother Hawk reflects their Native American heritage and spirituality as Calvin joins the soothing, tranquil tones of the traditional cedar flute with James’ keyboards to create musical prayers and meditations in time-honored Native American traditions. This recording is a journey into a world where traditional and contemporary Native American life finds a rich musical expression.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Kola Wasté (5:50)
2. Windcatcher (3:16)
3. Red Thunder (6:11)
4. Brother Hawk (5:19)
5. Singing Heart (5:19)
6. Evening Song (4:54)
7. Apacheria (3:55)
8. I Am Here Standing (2:51)
9. Starburst (5:11)
Total Time: 41:19