2008 Grammy® Award Nominee for Best Native American Album.  The haunting melodies of the Native American flute evoke the flow and cadences of breathing while the pulsing rhythms of the drum evoke the beating of the heart. This recording brings together these two very primal and human instruments in a collection of new and transforming compositions by two award-winning artists, Robert Tree Cody (Maricopa-Dakota) and Will Clipman.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Gila River Sunrise (4:20)
2. Obsidian and Ironwood (3:49)
3. Rain in the Dust (2:54)
4. Totem Dance (4:54)
5. Carrizo Breeze (4:31)
6. First Contact (3:35)
7. Turtle Island Waltz (4:54)
8. The Hunters Return (2:55)
9. Grandfathers Breath (6:28)
10. Lightning over Sonora (3:33)
11. Before the Beginning (4:29)
12. Heart of the Wind (8:41)

Total Time:  53 minutes.

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