Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Music of Himalayan Nepal.

From the land of the snow-covered peaks and the hidden valleys of the Himalayas come the stirring sounds of Tibetan Buddhist ritual chants and prayers. Nestled in the secluded Solu Khumbu region of Nepal, home to Mt. Everest these chants and rituals are performed by the monks of Tengboche Monastery and the nuns of Thupton Chöling. Featuring the timeless beauty of unaccompanied voices and the powerful sounds of ritual bells, drums, horns and trumpets, these prayers invoke the blessings of wisdom and compassion. Recorded on location, these chants offer a glimpse into the rich, ancient traditions of the inhabitants of this sacred land.

All royalties form the sale of this recording go to the aid of Tengboche Monastery and Thupton Chöling Monastery and their various development projects.

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Selections from the Mani Rimdu ceremony performed by the monks of Tengboche Monastery:
1. (5:11)
2. (2:46)
3. (2:32)
4. (5:51)
5. (12:25)
Selected rituals and prayers performed by the nuns of Thupton Chöling:
6. Chöd (excerpt, 5:57)
7. Lama Kusung Tuktik (excerpt, 11:35)

8. Dedication Prayers (9:25)

Total Time: 56:14