2000 Native American Music Awards Album of the Year.  The music of Sharon Burch captures the beauty of traditional Navajo ways and shares an intimate glimpse into the relationship of mother and child in the traditions of the Din̩e. Inspired by songs sung by her mother and grandfather, Colors of My Heart celebrates family, Mother Earth, and a connection to all living things. This long awaited follow-up to the INDIE award winning, Touch the Sweet Earth has both English and Navajo lyrics.

TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Wee Play (1:47)
2. Pigeon Corn (2:26)
3. We Are Here (2:51)
4. Colors of My Heart (4:14)
5. Don’t Be Afraid (2:59)
6. All is Beautiful (3:27)
7. Cradle Song (2:44)
8. Spotted Horse (2:46)
9. Sweet Dreams (3:45)
10. Little Star Shine (3:29)
11. Corn Pollen Boy (2:00)
12. Earth Child (3:45)
Total Time: 37:06