A prominent social dance of the Blackfoot people, the Owl Dance is a couples dance that moves to the swaying beat of the drum and lively melodies of the singers. In the past, Owl Dances were for courting and socializing. Performed rarely these days, the Owl Dance and its songs still inspire good feelings and camaraderie for the dancers and singers. The Siksika Nation, a division of the Blackfoot Confederacy, has been home to some of the best traditional singers of North America. This recording features members of three of the most respected singing groups representing the Siksika Nation; the Siksika Ramblers, Little Axe and the Siksika Boyz. many of the songs on this recording are older and some have not been heard in decades. The singers hope that the timeless beauty of these songs will be enjoyed again.

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1. Owl Dance #1
2. Owl Dance #2
3. Owl Dance #3
4. Owl Dance #4
5. Owl Dance #5
6. Owl Dance #6
7. Owl Dance #7
8. Owl Dance #8
9. Owl Dance #9
10. Owl Dance #10
11. Owl Dance #11
12. Owl Dance #12
Total Time: 51:12
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