Since 1951, Canyon Records has specialized in recording Native American music. Canyon Records is presenting a new series of digital compilations curated around themes illuminating the pantheon of Native American musical traditions. This series of releases feature some of the most beloved songs from the vast musical heritage of the indigenous peoples of North America. The first release in the series, Songs of native american Women, celebrates the qualities of strength, wisdom and love that form the cultural inheritance of Indigenous women. Women are honored within Native American cultures as the givers of life, upholders of their communities and carriers of traditional knowledge. These songs feature today’s most respected and award-winning Native American female artists. Grammy-nominated Radmilla Cody sings a DinĚŠ song that expresses the serene feeling of seeing the dawn. The Navajo folk songs of Sharon Burch celebrate family, Mother Earth, and a connection to all living things. Cree/Salish singer Fawn Wood’s songs express the experience of love and heartbreak through the eyes of a young Native woman. Oneida singer Joanne Shenandoah’s classic “I May Want a Man” was featured in the critically acclaimed television show “Northern Exposure” and the film “Transamerica”.

1. I May Want a Man ??? Joanne Shenandoah (with A. Paul Ortega)

2. A Cappella Native American Church Song ??? LeeAnn Brady

3. A Winter Dream ??? Nitanis “Kit” Largo

4. First Cry ??? Sharon Burch

5. Tapwe Oma ??? Fawn Wood

6. New Life ??? Brianna Lea Pruett

7. Pledging My Love ??? Fawn Wood

8. Beautiful Dawn ??? Radmilla Cody

9. We Are Here ??? Sharon Burch

10. Euphony ??? Nitanis “Kit” Largo

11. To Those Who Dream ??? Joanne Shenandoah

(with A. Paul Ortega)

12. No More ??? Fawn Wood

13. Never Let Go ??? Nitanis “Kit” Largo

14. Grandmother’s Ways ??? Sharon Burch

Total time ??? 48:45