Joanne Shenandoah – Songs of the Spirit is such a magical experience. The concert celebrates the earth, sky, and all the elements. It brings an amazing lifting of the soul.
R. Carlos Nakai – This concert is very important to me personally, because it allows people to understand that as an indigenous Native person, I also live in he 21st century.
Bill Miller – Songs of the Spirit is about connecting with people of all races. There are so many beautiful moments.


  1. Fourth World-Rainbow World
  2. Underneath the Blue Sky
  3. Feather in the Wind
  4. Shaman’s Call
  5. ??Seven Dancers
  6. ??Ganondagon
  7. ??Whippoorwill Song
  8. Where the Waters Never Still
  9. Amazing Grace
  10. Far from he Wate
  11. Prophecy Song
  12. The Sun is Gonna Rise / Bird Song
  13. Praises

Bonus Material

  1. Lakes That Speak
  2. Skywoman
  3. Never Too Far
  4. Corn Dance