Southern Cree of Rocky Boy, Montana is one of pow-wow’s great drum groups. Travelling extensively through the United States and Canada they bring their powerful singing and drumming to all corners of pow-wow country. Southern Cree sings this collection of their latest songs to honor the way of the drum and the spirit of all Native people.


TRACKS: Click below to listen.
1. Desert Heat (3:49)
2. Drum for Life (4:03)
3. Quick Fix (3:12)
4. Griz Attack (4:26)
5. Peh-Yah-Tik (2:42)
6. Kopy Kat (3:29)
7. No Looking Back (4:13)
8. Nah-Mik “Mids” (3:30)
9. Sweatin’ It (3:05)
10. NDN Gurlz (4:02)
Total Time: 37:11
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